IV Nutrient


Wellness Drips

We also have memberships for multiple drips per month (you can even mix and match any drip on our menu). To schedule your IV therapy in Richmond just give us a call.

1000 mL IV Bag


Single 1000 mL Bag

Signature Drips

NAD+ Infusion IV

NAD+ Infusion

250g $250
500g $500

High-Dose Vitamin C IV

High-Dose Vitamin C*

10g $150
25g $200
50g $250

*One-time G6PD test required

Glutathione IV

High-Dose Glutathione

2g $200
5g $250

Single Injections

IM Shots


Single Intramuscular Injection

D Injection


Vitamin D*

*Vitamin D lab test required