Enjoy a life of Vitality

At Infused Vitality Wellness Lounge, we strive to be your number one stop for all things wellness. We nourish and revitalize your body with nutrient dense IV drips and injections to get your body flourishing back to its revitalized state. Our weight loss programs are meant to help you jumpstart a lifestyle that will that you can maintain. And our telemedicine and lab services provide the healthcare you need when and where you need it. To schedule your IV therapy in Richmond just give us a call.

The Infused Difference


Your experience and health are of the utmost importance and so only a licensed, highly trained professional will perform treatments.


We pride ourselves in following strict safety conditions when preparing therapies whether in-office or mobile.


Our vitamins are prepared by FDA approved USA pharmacies. We work closely with their pharmacists for guidance on drip rates, supplies, drug compatibility, and more.


Receive our treatments in comfort, feel like royalty! No matter the service, you’re the VIP.


We deliver the benefits of IV Therapy both on-site and on-the-go to and the surrounding communities. We offer labs right on-site and telemedicine services for your convenience.


You matter to us, and your wellness and vitality are our top concerns. Everything we do is with care for you.